Terms & Condition

  • In case of accident, if the hirer is responsible he will pay the accident penalty ‘the excess amount of insurance coverage’ + 20% of repairing, in addition of the daily rent until the repairing of the vehicle is complete. And if he is not responsible, with the second party present, hirer is liable for paying for the daily rental until the repairing of the vehicle is complete.
  • In the event of “TOTAL LOSS’’ (damage to vehicle beyond the economic repair) the hirer agrees to pay the company 20% of total insured value of the vehicle plus the accident penalty ‘the excess amount of insurance coverage’.
  • It is a deal between Golden Vip Rent a Car LLC and the hirer whose driving license is less than a year or is less than 25 years of age,that the hirer is fully liable to pay for all the repairing charges and damages for both cars and rental until the repairing done.
  • The vehicle is for use in U.A.E only the insurance coverage also for U.A.E only.
  • If any accident occurred, because the driver was under the influence of alcohol or any substance having the same effect he should pay a comprehensive compensation for any losses damages to the vehicle, he shall be fully responsible before the official authorities.
  • The hirer must ensure that the vehicle is park in a safe and secure place when it is not in use. Any damages caused to the vehicle including these damages due to natural disasters will be the sole responsibility and liability of the hirer, as the same cannot be claimed to the insurance.
  • In case of any damage not supported with police report the hirer shall be fully responsible before the official authorities, plus the vehicle repairing.
  • The hirer agrees to pay all traffic and parking fines occurred during the period of rental.
  • The hirer agrees to pay deposit for traffic and parking fines during or after the period of rental, according the agreement, and the company reserves the right within one year of the end of the rental, to claim any such unpaid amounts from the hirer.
  • The hirer agrees to pay charges of the passage of the car from the electronic gates of “SALIK SYSTEM ‘’ ( 5 DHS ) Per Pass.
  • In case of any accident, hirer should not move the car from the place of accident before the police inspection complete, he/she must deliver all the required documents to the rental office immediately, otherwise, he/she will be held fully responsible. * The hirer is responsible to pay the repair and daily rent fee for the period of non work due to an accident or a technical trouble occurring to carelessness, negligence or intention of the hirer.
  • In case of an accident, technical or mechanical troubles the hirer must inform the rental office immediately. The hirer is not allowed to make any repairs to the vehicle without informing the rental office.
  • Vehicle should be delivered to the rental office in a good condition according to the attached check out list and the hirer undertakes to keep sufficient water and oil in the vehicle, if the hirer returned the car unclean, he should pay cleaning charges.
  • The hirer has to return the vehicle to the office for the periodical services.
  • The hirer should not use the vehicle for off road driving, or in any races, rallies or competitions, or to get inside the desert areas, or any activities that may damage the vehicle and he will be responsible for any damage will happen to the vehicle because of this.
  • Hirer is responsible for any complement, case or any obligations regarding the vehicle before the office or the official authorities which occurs within the hire, also he will be alone responsible if he use the vehicle to transport any forbidden items in U.A.E. Hirer also should pay the full amount of the contract until some arrangement is reached between hirer and the office.
  • Golden Vip Rent a Car will not be responsible for any cash or valuable belongings left or lost inside the vehicle while it was in his/her possession or after the entire period of rental.
  • One day hire means 24 hours, and more than one hour late will be calculated full day.
  • In cause if the hirer return the car with the full payment will pay 25dhs for each delay day and if the credit it was more than 5000dhs will pay 2% from the total amount for each day.

Car towing service – Decline in value regardless of whether the vehicle is repaired or not – Any amounts paid by Golden Vip Rent a Car LLC as a result of the loss or damage to the vehicle including court costs and legal fees.

Sublease the vehicle – the driver under the influence of alcohol or any substance having the same effect at the time of accident – the vehicle is driving by an unauthorized driver – Any damages caused to the vehicle due to natural disasters – off road driving, or in any races, or inside the desert areas – the vehicle is driven outside UAE. I authorize Golden Vip rent a car to recover the vehicle by key reserves from anywhere from the UAE without reference to me.

Be a delivery vehicle leased confined at the following times: from nine o’clock am to one pm and four in the afternoon until ten o’clock pm except on Thursday last delivery date will be seven o’clock pm and Friday, a public holiday in the event return of the vehicle on Friday after a prior agreement with the bureau will be paid Rent on Friday in full.

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